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What is a Cupcake Truck?
Cupcake Truck is a new type of business. It is similar to an ice cream truck in that we are mobile, however, we pre-determine our stops in advance and post them on our website and on Twitter. Why? With the use of tools like Twitter, it allows us to target areas and an audience rather than drive around looking for customers. It allows us to let people know where we will be, to promote their business as well as our own, and build a buzz for an upcoming event. 

Do you bake on the truck?
Nope! Would be very hot and not much room. 

Do you have your own store?
Yes!  Located at 2015 East Moyamensing Ave 19148.

Where did you find the truck?
I actually said I had a cupcake truck before I had one. I posted about it on Philly Blog and put up a drawing I made. I had been toying with the idea for a good year but was scared to take the plunge. I saw that someone made a truck in New York and I knew that Philly was soon to come. It became do or die time! I gave notice at my job (as an attorney) and set out to find the perfect truck. Then I couldn't find one. At all. I looked everywhere, lost every auction on ebay, couldn't afford any of the half decent ones. 

People started talking about the truck, the buzz began so I needed the truck pronto. I took a last ditch look on the local Craigslist and there was a new listing for a 1988 Mail Truck with 73,000 miles for $3,600. I called and went to see it right away. The gentleman who sold it to me found it at an auto auction, it was covered in graffiti and he was unable to sell it because it had a window! And I needed a window! I was all set to have someone put it in, but here it was, all ready there. I bought it the next day. 

Who designed/decorated the truck?
I designed it originally (me, the owner, Kate aka Cupcake Lady), and took it to Chris @ Executive Auto Salon. I had him lined up before I bought the truck, and ironically found it 8 miles from his auto shop. I took it to him, he designed the interior, we worked with the city to make sure it was within regulations and got it in working condition. We hope to continue with the design and add a large cupcake up front and something on the back, but that is slated for the future. 

Do you do parties and special events?
We sure do! Email us at organizebuttercream@gmail.com and we will work with you on flavors, ideas, fun, whatever you can come up with. That's the part we like the best!

Do you do vegan or gluten free?
Not yet, hopefully in the future.  We hope to find someone dedicated to making good treats, not just cash in because.

More to come!